DUFOURNIER Technologies thanks to its indoor proving ground named E2TC (accredited ISO 17025) and their high-quality tire testing machines, offers the best controlled environment for the best quality measurements.

We propose:


Our innovative indoor facilities allow doing Research & Development and standard R117 tests all year long.

  • UNECE R117 (under accreditation):
    • Wet Grip
    • Rolling Resistance
    • Noise
    • Tire Homologation
  • Dufournier Standards:
    • Industrial tests realized according to Dufournier Experiment Plan.
  • Research & Development:
    • We realize indoors and outdoors tests. Indoor in our proving ground, thanks to our unique AI3T machine. Outdoor, on our track or on the track of your choice, thanks to our famous, mobile Skid Trailer. We measure the 6 forces and moments of the tire in dry, wet or snow conditions: Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz. Naturally, braking tests on dry ground, wet or snow and ice are performed in longitudinal at different levels of loads and pressures


Pacejka MF5.2 & MC-1.

Tire Mecanical Functional Window

Tire Thermal & Mechanical Functional Window


Our innovative indoor facilities allow doing Research & Development and standard R117 tests all year long. Thanks to this ISO environment and to our unique AI3T combined to our other tire testing machines, we are now able to offer to the world the first tire tested database.

Everyone knows how tire testing conditions are important and difficult to control (track roughness, test equipment, weather conditions …).

Based on this observation and on its experience of more than 20 years in tire testing equipment manufacturing and tire testing services, DUFOURNIER-Technologies decided to develop a new offer. Thanks to our indoor proving ground and our famous and unique AI3T, tests according to usual norms or precisely defined standards will be realized in iso conditions and will provide a fair comparison between tires on the market.

We propose:

  • Tests realized in controlled conditions on accredited equipment
  • A database containing at least 400 tires continuously evolving
  • Criteria toolbox based on tire performance families (Grip, Behaviour, Wear, Consumption) effective use and additional elements like tire models
  • Possibility of fair tire technical comparisons, benchmark and search
  • A secure and private way for manufacturers to import their own data
  • To rely on us to carry out the same tests on R&D tires or prototypes to increase our customers’ databases

For whom:

  • Automotive manufacturers (R&D and marketing departments
  • Tire manufacturers (R&D and marketing departments)
  • Test centers
  • Others various institutions

2 modes of use to offer you the best way to compare and benchmark: data-tires.com

  • Comparing a set of tires

  • Searching for tires by performances